While tyres might seem simple at first, they are actually a feat of modern engineering. Tyre designers have painstakingly created patterns that continue to provide traction even as the tyres wear, and as an example of their complexity, the treads of tyres act as channels in wet weather, funneling the water away from where the tyre meets the road surface to prevent aquaplaning.

Finding the right tyres for your vehicle means more than just matching the correct make and model of your vehicle. To get the most out of your new rubber, you should also consider the typical road surface your vehicle uses, typical weather conditions, even your own habits as a driver.

At Jensen Automotive we stock tyres from quality manufacturers such as Maxxis, Nexen, Hifly and Federal. We can provide tyres for all makes and models of passenger car and 4×4, and our staff can help recommend the right tyres for you.

Common Causes of Tyre Wear

  • Hard or aggressive driving
  • Overinflated or underinflated tyres
  • Poorly balanced or aligned wheels
  • Incorrect tyre for the vehicle

What Does Wheel Alignment Entail?

Your wheel’s alignment to the axle slowly deteriorates over time – every time your vehicle hits the kerb, every time your inadvertently hit a pothole in the road, the impact of the blow will take a miniscule toll on the tightness of the bolts securing wheel to axle. These build up over time and result in looser alignment, which can cause accelerated tyre wear, sloppier handling and less control on the road. Whether it’s to save money by extending the life of your tyres, or to avoid the risk of an accident caused by a tyre blowout, it’s always a good idea to ensure your wheel is aligned correctly.

Why is Wheel Balancing So Important?

To ensure each wheel on your vehicle maintains maximum contact with the road below at all times, each wheel is fitted with small lead weights, which are adjusted to account for imbalances inherent in the manufacture of your tyres, wheels and rims. If one should fall or be knocked of you will often feel a “wobble” at certain speeds; this is caused by the uneven weight of the wheel creating centrifugal force that pulls at the wheel while in motion. This can take a gradual toll on your wheel alignment, create uneven tyre wear and more. Jensen Automotive are specialists in re-balancing to stop this from happening.

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