Timing Belts & Chains

Modern passenger vehicles come what is known in the automotive industry as a four-stroke engine. An engine that operates on a four-stroke cycle to spin the camshaft once and the crankshaft twice. This relationship between the camshaft and crankshaft is called “mechanical timing”, which moves the valves and pistons inside of the engine cylinder via a timing belt or chain.

However, as advancements in modern engineering continue to improve vehicle performance, so too does the complexity of a vehicle’s engine components, including the timing belt and chain. To keep a vehicle operating at its peak performance, your vehicle will need regular inspection and servicing by a qualified mechanic.

Timing belts last roughly 7 to 10 years, or 100,000km to 150,000km, whichever comes first – but you should always check your specific vehicle’s timing chain or belt service schedule requirements as these figures vary.

If your belt breaks while driving, it will cause piston damage, ruined cylinder heads, and engine valve damage, effectively ruining your engine. They don’t need replacing often, but the consequences of neglect are disastrous.

Here at Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, our skilled mechanics can help you to detect any timing belt or chain problems and recommend replacement parts or repairs if necessary.

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