Logbook Servicing

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that protects you in the case of unexpected mechanical or auto electrical failures.

This warranty is only valid if you have your vehicle regularly serviced  by a certified mechanic according to the schedule and instructions laid out in your vehicle’s logbook. Once the certified mechanic has completed the service, they record and stamp your vehicle’s logbook.

In addition to keeping your warranty valid, a well-kept logbook usually increases your vehicle’s resale value, and preventative maintenance is always less costly than active repairs, so even after your vehicle ages out of its warranty period, it can be a good idea to continue with the service schedule.

The details of each logbook service are dictated by the manufacturer, but usually include inspecting your vehicle’s brakes, tyres, oil filter, radiator, auto electrical system and engine.

You Have the Right to Choose Your Repairer

A few years ago it was commonly thought that until a car was at least 3 years old it had to be serviced by the main dealer in order to validate the warranty. However, this was never the case. It’s actually illegal for a manufacturer to discriminate against you based on your choice of repairer, you are entitled to use a non-franchised garage without invalidating the warranty, meaning you can trust Jensen Automotive to give you a value for money, fast and reliable service that few garages can provide today.

You should never attempt to undertake the service yourself unless you are a qualified mechanic. You can carry out simple maintenance operations such as fluid top-ups and tyre changes, but it’s not worth compromising your safety and the safety of your passengers by carrying out a service yourself. You will get the most from your car if it is routinely serviced by a qualified mechanic, and your warranty is only maintained with logbook servicing performed by a qualified mechanic.

The reason many people believe that they have to have their car serviced at a dealership is due to misinformation and misleading statements made by said dealerships.

The ACCC ( Australian Competition and Consumer Coalition) has confirmed that you cannot be discriminated against for your choice of repairer, and are starting to investigate the instructions in vehicle’s logbooks to ensure that consumers are properly informed about their rights – here’s an excerpt from their conference on Autocare in 2018:

Statements in logbooks and service manuals

The ACCC is also concerned about misleading statements provided in logbooks and service manuals. This includes statements that may mislead consumers that their new car must be serviced only by an authorised dealer in order to maintain the warranty when no such condition exists.

The ACCC is reviewing logbook information and instances of misleading and deceptive conduct, or misrepresentations, will be targeted through action by the ACCC, including enforcement action where appropriate.

If you’d like to learn more about the ACCC’s stance on logbook servicing, you can take a look here.

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