Air Conditioning Repairs

When summer hits Western Australia the weather becomes increasingly unbearable outside and the last thing most people want to do is climb into a vehicle with no air conditioning.

At Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, your vehicle’s air conditioning system is inspected and repaired by our highly skilled mechanics, with hoses and seals checked for leaks, and replaced if cracked, along with faulty compressors and condensers. Once we’re satisfied your vehicle’s system is airtight, we’ll re-gas it with the refrigerants it needs to keep your vehicle’s interior cool all summer long. As an ARC-licensed workshop, all of our air conditioning work is conducted in accordance with Australian regulations, and we also offer disinfecting services if your aircon produces any strange smells.

What makes your vehicle’s air conditioning system unique to most other areas of your vehicle is that wear and tear in your air con is caused more by disuse than use. It’s during the cooler months, when you might only occasionally use your air con to demist your cabin, that the hoses and seals that form part of your air conditioning system develop cracks and leaks as the rubber grows dry and stiff.

This allows the refrigerants that your vehicle’s air con relies upon to escape into the atmosphere, leaving your system without the gases it needs to keep your vehicle cool when the weather warms up again. Often air conditioning leaks can go completely undetected for months, leaving the driver with a nasty surprise when the days grow hot again. That’s why we recommend having your air conditioning serviced every 2 years, and it can pay off to have your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked as part of your regularly scheduled service.

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