Logbook Servicing

After purchasing a brand new vehicle from the dealership it is sold with what is known in the industry as a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty ensures that you are protected during the warranty period for any parts replacement or labour costs, should something unexpectedly go wrong with your new vehicle.

Department of Transport Inspections

We are an authorised Department of Transport Inspection Station and can provide examinations for:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Registration
  • Defect Notices

We are happy to help with any required repairs these inspections uncover, and offer free quotes for the work, no obligation.


At our modern workshop we can assist customers with brake disc repairs, parts and replacements. This will ensure that no matter the conditions when out on the road, you will be able to bring your vehicle to a complete stop within a safe stopping distance.

Steering & Suspension

At Jensen Automotive we’re aware of the danger inherent in ignoring certain critical areas of your vehicle; an example of this is ensuring your power steering system has the clean fluid it needs by flushing the system every three to four years.

Clutch & Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle’s transmission is a precision piece of engineering; problems here can quickly become very costly repairs if they aren’t quickly found and addressed. Our workshop provide a range of services to keep your transmission working and your vehicle running smoothly.

Air Conditioning

At Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, your vehicle’s air conditioning system is inspected and repaired by our highly skilled mechanics, with hoses and seals checked for leaks. Once we’re satisfied your vehicle’s system is airtight, we’ll re-gas it with the refrigerants it needs to keep your vehicle’s interior cool all summer long.

Engine Repairs

Engineered to precision and designed to convert petrol and diesel into power, a vehicle’s engine is its beating heart, and problems here can take a drastic toll on your vehicle’s overall performance and fuel economy. Regular servicing and checks will minimise issues with your engine, keeping it in proper working order and ensuring you can get the most out of your vehicle.

Radiators & Cooling Systems

The amount of heat generated by your vehicle’s engine needs to be quickly and effectively dispersed away from the engine bay, so as to give the engine a safe operating temperature in which to deliver its optimum performance and fuel efficiency.


Your vehicle’s auto electrical network can detect a multitude of issues with your vehicle. Here at Jensen Automotive, we have the tools and skills to generate and analyse detailed reports.

Auto Electrical

With the increasing complexity of modern vehicle’s various electronic features and systems, it takes a dedicated auto electrician to keep pace with the changing pace of vehicle’s electrical systems.

Timing Chain and Belts

To keep a vehicle operating at its peak performance, your vehicle will need regular inspection and servicing by a qualified mechanic. Here at Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, our skilled mechanics can help you to detect any timing belt or chain problems and recommend replacement parts or repairs if necessary.


At Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, we can assist customers by checking vehicle tyres and wheels, to ensure they are correctly aligned. Our team of skilled and qualified mechanics are the leading specialists in wheel re-balancing, tyre inspections, repairs and replacements.

Classic Cars

Here at Jensen Automotive Service & Repair, we can be more than just a place to take your dream car to for inspections. As our skilled mechanics can maintain your vehicle for you. And help you have a love affair with your classic car, without it heading for heartbreak and an empty wallet!